scary statistics about makeup / what are you afraid of?

This survey of 3,000 women produced some disheartening results about how makeup still runs the lives of women.

  • One of of five boyfriends have never seen their girlfriends without makeup- not even in bed.
  • 41% of the women polled said they would be mortified if a colleague saw them without makeup.
  • One of of five said they would not let even close girlfriends see them without makeup.
  • One third would not even consider leaving home unarmed with a full grooming kit—including lip balm, eyeliner, deodorant, and hairbrush.
  • 71% said they are much prettier with makeup on.

What are we afraid of?

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how will you answer the “race” question on the u.s. census?

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Multi-racial family

The U.S. census is coming up—the buzz is all over the media. Every time I turn on the TV I’m bombarded with commercials about the census being a “snapshot of America” and how important it is that I fill mine out.

On the radio this morning, I heard about a growing movement to check “Other” in the race category and write in “American”. Race shouldn’t matter, they say. The question itself is racist! Let the government know what you think by writing in “American”.

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another gender stereotype is proven wrong

from Hugo Schwyzer:

“…studies suggest that the notion that men lack the capacity for empathy — equivalent in degree to that more commonly displayed by women — is simply false. When motivated to put a dormant skill to use, the study suggests men can be every bit as intuitive as women.”

How many other accepted gender differences are merely the result of societal conditioning?