scary statistics about makeup / what are you afraid of?

This survey of 3,000 women produced some disheartening results about how makeup still runs the lives of women.

  • One of of five boyfriends have never seen their girlfriends without makeup- not even in bed.
  • 41% of the women polled said they would be mortified if a colleague saw them without makeup.
  • One of of five said they would not let even close girlfriends see them without makeup.
  • One third would not even consider leaving home unarmed with a full grooming kit—including lip balm, eyeliner, deodorant, and hairbrush.
  • 71% said they are much prettier with makeup on.

What are we afraid of?

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evolutionary psychology is sexist pseudoscience

I hate my psychology class.

I find learning about psychology interesting. But I hate the teacher. I don’t want to call him a professor because I feel that implies a certain respect for his teaching abilities, which are nonexistent.

He is focusing now on using evolutionary psychology as an excuse to disseminate his sexist opinions on the roles of men and women. He literally said in class that women stay inside to cook and clean, and men do more outdoor activities and chores, like taking out the trash and shoveling snow.

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what’s your favorite insult?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before. But when someone cuts you in line, or your boss gives you an unfair review, or the cashier at the grocery store was rude to you—what names go through your mind? What do you hear yourself calling them when you think about what you could have said? Or maybe you don’t fantasize—maybe you confront them and use your favorite insult out loud, right then and there.

I think the type of insult a person most often uses can say a lot about their values.

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