a well-written article about a [disabled] male knitter

Today I came across an article by Capi Lynn at Statesman Journal in Oregon about a blind man who wrote a beginner’s book about knitting.

As I was reading it, I was thinking about a blog post I read recently at FWD/Forward, about “inspiring crip stories”: stories or articles written about disabled people overcoming their horrible afflictions in order to inspire normals (you can hear my sarcasm, right?).

Maybe it’s because I’m coming from the perspective of an able-bodied person, but I thought the article was well-written and respectful. The only time it even mentions the word “disabled” is when it says Davey Hulse is “CEO of Braille Plus Inc., a Salem-based company that provides alternate format documents to sight-disabled individuals.” Obviously the article mentions that he is blind, but it doesn’t imply that he is a poor, wretched soul with a miserable life. It focuses on him as a healthy and unique person—about his book and how it’s different from other beginner knitting books. And it gets bonus point for not implying that knitting is a gendered hobby!

What do you think about how the article is written? Do you think it could be improved in any way? Let me know! =)


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