why are there no pink cars?

So I was driving home today, and I thought I saw a pink car in the distance, but soon I realized it was red.

Which made me wonder: Why are there no pink cars? I mean, surely there are pink cars in the world, but why do I not see them advertised or driven?

Pink is often used to market traditionally masculine commodities to women, so why are cars (often considered an exclusively masculine interest) not marketed in pink to attract female buyers?

I don’t really have any thoughts on this yet, so I would really, really, appreciate your comments!! Please let me know why you think cars are not advertised or more readily available in pink.




  1. Lauren O said,

    March 8, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Hey, I came over here from a comment you made on my LiveJournal. I know this post is a few days old, but I had to comment because I was thinking about the exact same thing just the other day. I saw a woman in a pink car and had that same realization: Hey, why haven’t I seen any more of these? I think you’re on the right track when you say that cars are generally seen as masculine and therefore incompatible with pink. Making masculine stuff pink is a marketing tactic, but pink stuff still makes up a small portion of any market; you don’t see that many pink laptops, to pick an example (though you certainly see more of them than pink cars).

    I think the difference with cars which makes pink cars an even smaller (practically nonexistent) portion of the market is that they’re often used (a) by more than one person, and (b) in public. Laptops, on the other hand, are usually used by one person only and usually in private. The same goes for other sometimes-pink objects: you probably don’t lend your pink iPod or pink hammer or pink food processor to other people very often, or use them that conspicuously in public.

    But with a car, even if the only driver is female, the passenger will often be male, and when you use a car, a huge number of people see you. If you have a husband, boyfriend, son, brother, or any other dude who rides in your car regularly, you probably don’t want to spend money on a pink car (or even a pink paint job for your car), because that dude is going to be mortified every single time you drive together anywhere. Most women would consider that embarrassment completely justified, and the few of us who think it’s bullshit for a man to be repulsed by femininity probably still wouldn’t want to have to hear the husband/son/whoever complaining and whining about his emasculation by having to be associated with the inferior gender. And of course, a vanishingly small number of men would buy a pink car for themselves, because of the whole “association with the inferior gender” thing, which, I imagine, might actually make a male driver of a pink car a target for physical assault in the vein of gay-bashing.

    • dreamingiris said,

      March 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm

      Thanks for your awesome comment! I think you’ve got it exactly right. It makes a lot of sense that you wouldn’t invest in a pink car when your husband or son might need to borrow it sometime. Also, a huge purchase like a car is probably a joint decision for couples, so for traditional hetero couples, a pink car would be out of the question.

      Probably driving a pink car would be opening yourself up to taunts and insults, and even, as you pointed out at the end of your comment, assault.

      There’s a lot more to analyze and think about here than I thought!

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