Check out Why is Your Son Wearing Pink? at Mistress Mom- it’s an awesome list of responses to this ridiculous but probably all-too-common question.

I don’t have kids yet, but when I do, I don’t plan on slavishly following society’s arbitrarily prescribed gender norms. What reason do I have to announce to the world my child’s gender as if it mattered? As if gender is a coin with only the two opposing sides?

Growing up, I always hated pink, though I could never articulate a reason for my distaste. The color disgusted me, made me angry. I only realized recently that the reason I hated pink so vehemently was because I am expected to love pink, because I am female. What a disgusting thought. Honestly, when I have children, I don’t know yet how I will deal with all the pink-washed stores aisles of girl-toys (weak and simple and unfit for boys!). Why is it that you can walk down the boy’s aisles and see every color (except weak and girly pink!), but pink is the only color a little girl is allowed?


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